Below are a few samples of Judy’s work.
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Snow White
For this drawing, Judy took the online Skillshare class Creating Full Color Digital Illustrations From Your Hand-Made Drawings by artist and designer Sara Blake.
You can find the whole process and class here.

InkTober 2015
InkTober is a fun 31-days-31-drawings inking challenge that takes place every October.
For InkTober 2015, Judy created her own challenge and asked friends and colleagues to list an animal, a flower, an object, and an emotion.
She then created several conceptual portraits, find them here.

Balloon Girl
For this project, Judy took the online Skillshare class Make a Collage Illustration in Photoshop by illustrator and designer Makiko Orser.
You can find the whole process and class here.

Judy made this poem-drawing for Querido’s Poëziespektakel, a famous prize-winning Dutch children’s poetry anthology series.
“Anti-held” (Antihero) is about being bullied and how not being a hero is the better choice sometimes.
The illustration also includes elements from another poet’s poem that was printed on the adjacent page, and filled with animal metaphors.